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May 22, 2010

Lazy Kate  On Facebook I was lamenting how sad it was that so many knitters have stopped blogging, as I was going through my blogroll list to prune out the inactive blog. And so I don't have the finger pointing at me as well, I'm resurfacing.

Okay, I've got a couple of posts waiting in ecto. I had to delete one, though, because the ricotta recipe I tried out turned out to be a disaster (must be that over-processed milk, and I don't have a farmer friend who will slip me a gallon or two of raw milk when nobody's looking).

I do have something blog-worthy. From time to time, I express to Hubby a desire for this or that spinning tool. I was complaining to hubby how hard it was to keep the singles from getting twisted together prematurely and how it was a pain in the neck to have to untwist everytime I picked up where I stopped. I showed him a picture of the lazy kate in The Intentional Spinner: A Holistic Approach to Making Yarn by Judith MacKenzie.

So, Hubby looked for a few blocks of wood, took out his router and set up shop on the back of his truck (we have a townhouse-size garage) and went to town. Here's another view, from the side:

Lazy Kate, From Side

I can't wait to try it out!

October 10, 2008

San Francisco Souvenirs I finally got a chance to take a picture of what I picked up in San Francisco. I didn't go hog wild, but made sure that these would be unique items. The book, "Seven Things that can "Make or Break" a Sweater", is more of a technique book, although there are some pattern in the back. She covers cast-ons, the fact that increasing and decreasing stitches have left or right directions that can be very noticeable, blocking, and so forth. Some of the facts are very eye-opening, illustrated with photos accenting her points.

I picked this book up at Imagiknits, I also picked up a nice skein of Prism Yarn lace wool. I haven't decided what shawl pattern to use with this skein. To round out the purchase, I picked up a mall cone of Habu wool stainless steel yarn in laceweight. Yes, you read that correctly. It's an interesting yarn, and you can bend the strand every which way. Perhap a little doily pattern for this cone.

Of course, being in San Francisco, I just had to visit Britex Fabrics. This is a fabulous fabric store, with luxury fabric, heirloom lace, and even a little bit of yarn. See that scrap of fabric in the middle? I found this really nice 3-yard remnant of this 56" cotton bolt on the 4th floor, where they have remnants. I was looking for tapestry fabric, but couldn't find anything of that kind, s I settled for this one. I should be able to get some nice bags and accessories out of this. I also picked up two grab bags of buttons.

I'e heard quite a bit about Artfibers Yarn, so naturally, since it was downtown near the cable turnaround (well, within 4 or 5 blocks), I had to check them out. I'm not too fond of novelty yarn, but there was some interesting yarn there, so I picked up two yarntasting samplers. And I added to my growing stitch marker collection.

Skein of Coopworth/Alpaca Handspun

This is what I've been spinning up. A lovely coopworth/alpaca blend. I have two skeins plied up so far, and I have some more on the bobbin that I've got to ply up. i don't think it's going to be quite enough for a good-sized shawl, so I'm going to have to spin up another batch of coopworth/alpaca blend that is dark gray in color. Hopefully I can free up the bobbins this weekend so I can get started on another batch.

September 21, 2008

I've been plugging away, here and there. Working on Tundra Rib Sock siamese twin - I really must replenish my handknit sock stash before the cold weather is here. In fact, it's nibbling at my heels now. This week is going to be on the cool side. And I'm certainly going to need these in a special place soon. Yes, I get to tag along with hubby to one of those destination places where millions of tourists visit every year. It will be nice to have a mini-vacation and I'm so looking forward to it.

I have an upcoming project Lacewing Shawl by Ann Hanson. I'm supposed to make a shawl for my mother. So, I've been spinning up some nice coopworth-alpaca roving. I need 1300 yards - I hope I have enough roving to accomplish that goal. I also hope to get the spinning done before we go to that special place. Which means I'll have to get up when hubby gets up so I can spend some time with the spinning wheel. Why do I do stuff like this that end up with me getting run down ragged?

July 5, 2008

Purple Clog Sock Yes, I know this is a bit fuzzy and too dark, but hey, I gotta show y'all that I'm alive and knitting. Pattern is Dawn Brocco's Cable Clog sock and it's one of my favorite pattern. A good amount of twisted knit pattern, and yet enough sockinette knitting not to bore you to tears. I'm using Cestari Sock yarn - my first time with it. Appearance is on the rustic side. I'm eager to see how well it holds up under hard wear. I think I might have enough to make a triplet set, but we'll see.

I decided to go ahead and get the Schacht Ladybug Wheel because I want one that is portable, and besides, the church bazaar is coming up in just a few months and I need time to get familiar with it so I can be more at ease with demonstrating and answering questions. And I think I've finally found a nice home for the Majacraft Little Gem. I'll have to thank Knitting Banter in part for changing the think process regarding the MJ Little Gem. Now I need to apply this to my job search . . .

February 1, 2008

Some people just do the most darnedst thing. I'm pretty sure this sort of thing wouldn't happen on the DC Metro, but one never knows . . .

THIS is the moment a group of Thrill seekers hiJack-son a London tube train.

Passengers were left open-mouthed when a group of commuters - including a suited man - got up from their seats and performed the dance featured in Michael Jackson's music video for hit Thriller.

[From Thrillseekers hiJack-son train | The Sun |HomePage|News]

So, I've gotten the needed extra rows all knit onto the sweater bottom, and now I'm ready to graft it back on. A tedious job to be sure, but it's gotta be done.

Hubby and I are going over friends' home for Super Bowl game. And I need a good mindless project. I could work on the back of the Mendocino cardigan, but I'm not quite in the mood for battling with slightly stiff yarn. I do have something in mind for mindless knitting.

Purple Swatch

Here's what I envision for this swatch of my handspun yarn, knit with 4.00mm needles: a pullover with a placket. I've been looking through my magazines and patterns, and browsed through Ravelry for a nice, simple pattern. I couldn't quite find the one pattern to unite all desired features, so I'm gong to have to sort of just take a bit from each and pull it all together. Wish me luck!

Yes, that's the yarn that is used for my online avatar and in the image above . . .

I Need a Job

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