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April 25, 2008

Little Gem Spinnig Wheel for Sale I've been running around like crazy for the past two weeks, because the job at The Nursery. Don't get too excited - it's just a temporary, part-time job lasting two months at the latest and will not lead to a permanent job. Let's just say, it's one of those "go into work, keep your mouth shut, and leave on the dot" job. At least I have time in the afternoon to work at my other job, job hunting. I wish I could quit that job already.

I've got the Little Gem up for sale, because we just don't get along and I ReallyReallyReally want that Schacht Ladybug wheel. Yes, I've advertised on Ravelry, on Craigslist. No takers - I'm surprised. Anyway, here's the blurb that goes with this ad:

I've had this wheel for over five years, but we've just never gotten along well, so I feel it's time to find it a new home and get me a Schacht Ladybug. So, I'm putting up my barely-used Majacraft Little Gem (NOT Little Gem II) wheel for sale.

I had the wheel replaced because of cracks in the original wheel, and the metal shaft had to be replaced. Included is a Woolee Winder and a bobbin. And, 8 Majacraft plastic bobbins, and the delta flyer.

I would like to have this sold before Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I can deliver locally in the DC Metro area (my preference), at the festival, or ship if you pay for shipping and insurance. At this point this will for sale as a complete package; I want everything out of the house before I can pay for the Schacht Ladybug.

All for $700. Cash, certified check, or PayPal only. First come, first serve. Thanks!

Please help me get this off my hand - if you know anyone who's looking for a nice spinning wheel, pass this along to them!

Oh, yeah, tomorrow's Pascha and as usual I'm doing stuff at the last minute. This includes finishing the edge of the vest (only 4 more rows to go and no buttonholes). Must remember to take a good nap tomorrow . . .

April 3, 2008

Rosemarkie Vest After Cutting I can guarantee you that this will definitely be done before the end of the month. Because that's when Orthodox Easter is, and I got to have something new to celebrate. I could actually have had this done before now, but I wanted to wait till the Thursday meeting at Barnes & Noble so that the ladies could see me cut it all up. Usually I do this alone, but it was nice to have an audience for this performance.

The corrugated ribbings shouldn't take so long, as I'm only going to do half the width of the bottom ribbing. I'm debating whether to put in buttonholes or not. Most of the time I wear my vests open. And I'd kinda like to get this finished soon.

As I'm getting ready to usher this out of the door, I'm gearing up on my Glass Beach Cardigan. I already have the vest version, and I have enough yarn for the cardigan version. Okay, well, I might have to buy more Jamieson's Spindrift Maroon (which is just the same as St*m*re Campion Ruby). This version will be zippered, as inspired by this Oregon cardigan by Susan of The Rainey Sisters. I'm thinking about having this v-necked, or whether it will go straight up to the neck. I'm also thinking about having set-in sleeves. Going to be a royal pain to tweak the pattern around for this. I think I may need to study what Eunny did with her lovely Autumn Rose Sweater.

Yes, still working on the Purple Polo Pullover. I've decided to keep the ridges because these are so striking. i'll need to redo the bind-off, though, because when I got further down on the other side, I realized I was going to have more sleeve stitches than body stitches to attach. So I'll need to count the body rows, and then determine the ratio. Math - ugh.

March 29, 2008

Hole in Vest This is what happens when you let a project go for years and years without looking at it.

July 28, 2007

I finally found that ball of yarn to finish off the FI vest! And would you believe me - it was right there in plain sight all along. All I had to do was go into my sewing room, lok down on the floor and look at the wall under the window in that gap. Back to HP7 . . .

July 14, 2007

FI Vest with Yarn Balls Houston, we have a problem. With every row I am closer to binding off at the shoulder. Look at all those colors that I have assembled for the vest, some not yet used. Do you see what's left? And what's missing? Meanwhile, that missing ball of yarn is somewhere in my house, quietly laughing at me and daring me to go discover its hidey hole. Feh.

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