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Popovers It's been quite a while since I made popovers. As a child, I remember our visits with Grandfather Lee. He liked to cook, and we'd often have real Southern, Virginia type of dinners. One time he made popovers and I remember how light and tasting really good these were.

Vicky found a popover recipe and adapted it into a more healthier version. She found that the consistency came out thinner due to using skim milk. I wondered how this would hold up using buttermilk. Fortunately, I had all the ingredients at hand, except that I only had vegetable oil and not canola oil. Actually, I may have some canola oil, but I didn't feel like dragging the chair over so I could get to the cupboard over the stove.

Sure enough, the consistency came out almost like pudding; buttermilk tends to be very thick. I didn't use any herbs, since I wanted to see how it'd taste. Sure enough, as you can tell from the picture, it came out great! Hubby wants to take these all to work, but, umm, I don't think so.


prairieharpy Author Profile Page said:

Interesting that there aren't really any holes in the top of yours. I bet consistency is a big factor behind that. Maybe I actually prefer using the skim since it apparently makes bigger holes than buttermilk and probably regular milk. Now I must experiment. The difference between Popovers and Yorkshire pudding probably comes down to this very decision. Yours look sooo good! Glad you were able to throw some together.

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