My Maryland State Fair Entry

Second Prize, Maplewing Shawl Yeah, I know I'm about 3 months late, and I've had this sitting in ecto waiting to go out on the blog for the greater part of a month or so. Just when I was ready to expound on my Maryland State Fair entry, Life intervened in the form of a Red Light Runner who pushed my Saturn Astra into another car and thus rendered it all but inoperable. Grrrrrr. I escaped with barely a scratch to my knee. But hey, I'll get to bask in that New Car Smell very soon!

So. About this shawl. Mother wanted a handspun shawl, so I looked for a pattern that would do nicely. I love, love, love Ann Hanson's work, and when I saw her Maplewing pattern, I fell in love with it. I should warn you that if you plan to use it, you better use stitch markers to divide up the pattern repeat. And you will be knitting straight, with no decreases, for the first 15 rows or so, 522 stitches if you chose the smaller size.

But it's well worth it, as you can see.

Here's another view for your eyes to feast on, pinned out . . .

Maplewing, Pinned Out

Oh, yes, Mother loves it!



prairieharpy Author Profile Page said:

That is a beautiful piece of work. Makes me want to wear a shawl, and I don't typically wear them.

Sherley Author Profile Page said:

This design can be the topic for the persuasive essay

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