Summer's Almost Over

Mr. Greenjeans Cardigan, Finished I finally have not one, but two FO to show for August. Mr. Greenjeans was actually finished over a week ago. I simply washed and laid it out on the living room floor. I only needed to stretch out the sleeves a bit so that these would hit my wrists. I really loved knitting this cardigan, even if I did have problems with the sleeves. I wish that I'd made it just a bit bigger, and may do so with my next Mr. Greenjeans (yes, planning to do so). All that is left to be done is to put on a button. I don't have the perfect button yet. But maybe I'll find just the right one at Britex Fabrics.

Yes, dear readers, yours truly will be going to San Francisco at the end of the month. Hubby's company wants him to take a 3-day workshop to be held there. So, I get to tag along and I just have to find things to do to amuse myself while hubby's in class. Yippee! The plan is to fly in early enough that hubby and I will have one whole day to explore, and spend time with his sister Sally and her family and his brother Rick; they all live in Sacramento. It'll be great to see them.

Of course, I'll be taking my laptop and I need to remember to pack my camera cable so I can upload photo. (Don't forget to get started on that trip list. - Ed. Yes, ma'am.)

I don't usually get too political here. But, I'm really shocked by sexism in the media. And dare I say, sexism from the very folks who should theoretically be the least sexist. Nobody is perfect, not even me.

I now return y'all to regular programming - "Let's All Decide What to Knit Next . . . So Many Choices, So Little Time", now playing at your local station, Batman time.



PocketSize Author Profile Page said:

I couldn't get Open ID to work (most likely user error - I'm not all that computer savvy) so I finally just registered with Movable Type so I could comment!

Mr. Greenjeans looks great, but mostly I'm jealous that you get to go to San Francisco! That'll be fun.

I definitely agree with you on the politics thing, as I am pretty sure I know what you're referring to in particular. Politics have actually been making me much angrier recently than they ever should. I can't wait until the election is over, though at the same time I'm a little fearful for the outcome...

lolajl Author Profile Page said:

Sorry about not being able to log in. I think I need to add i that OpenID plugin; I recently upgraded the blog software and didn't copy over the module.

Thanks for thumbs up on Mr. Greenjeans!

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