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Pomegranates Figure out what to do with these pomegranates, which I bought at Safeway a couple days ago. They're currently running a "buy 1, get 1 free special". And it's the middle of pomegranate season. It's a very interesting fruit in that most of the inside is made up of seeds with semi-transparent, rather tart-tasting material surrounding the seeds.

From what I know, this fruit has long been regarded as a symbol of fertility. And no wonder - open one up and you'll see about 100 seeds. And it's a very prevalent ingredient in Middle Eastern food. But in recent years, it's become almost a cottage industry here in the US. Everywhere I turn around, I see products including pomegranates being pushed as anti-oxidants and very healthy for you I haven't seen any studies to prove that, so I can't say for certain that this premise is correct. There's a company that has aggressively promoted pomegranates, under the label of POM Wonderful with an orchid that covers over 18,000 acres in California.

There are two ways to use pomegranates - use the seeds or juice. There's a lot of recipes at POM. I'm thinking since I have just two, I may use these in a dessert. Stay tuned . . .



prairieharpy Author Profile Page said:

Got one here I don't know what to do with either. Thanks for the link, though. Helpful!

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