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May 12, 2008

Climbing Rose Starting to Bloom Here's a picture of the climbing rose that I managed to take during a respite from the deluge of rain that we've been having lately. We've been getting a lot of rain, so much that I think we're close to erasing the rain deficit that had built up over the past year. I just hope this continues into summer, with the minimum assistance of hurricanes.

I've got big plan for the garden - I've got spinach growing to the left of the roses. And I'm planning to try to grow tomatoes upside down. I picked up a couple of pepper plants at the MDSW that have yet to be stuck into the ground. I need to pull out spent plants except for the leeks (which seem to be taking their own sweet time getting big). And of course, I've got to get that corner tilled properly. And I need to try to get the spearmints in control. [Ha! Good luck with that! - Ed. Yup, I know.] I'm planning to drop a god amount of $ this week on plants from The Nursery as it's Employee Appreciation Week and I can save even more money.

Oh, what about my knitting, you ask? Well, I've been rushing around tying up loose end with the old car, so my time was kinda limited for the past two weeks. I do plan to get the Rosemarkie vest blocked later today. And I've started work again on Mr. Greenjeans (need to take picture of that as well). I've been working on it especially when I watch La Femme Nikita on tape. We're just getting into the 4th season now, having finished the 1st volume. Waiting for the next two disks to come. I really love our time sitting in front of the tv downstairs, cuddling on the couch. Hubby makes sure I'm warm and snuggly under the quilt (it's a bit cold in the living room with all those windows and with the weather we've been having lately . . .

I did go to the sheep and wool, but I got there later than expected on Saturday because we were wrapping up purchase of the new Saturn Astra (a very sweet car indeed). I don't have a picture yet, thanks to the H2O falling from the sky. So, I didn't really buy very much - just a lovely wool-silk fiber blend from Spinner's Hill that will be destined for sock yarn, a set of stitch markers to use with Bordhi's sock patterns, an orifice hook from Woodchuck (who retired), a spinning book, two skeins of sock yarn from Crestari - I want to test these yarn to see how it stands up under wear and tear. Oh, and a Romney cross fleece that will be processed by Ohio Valley. I know it will be 4 or 5 months before I get it back, but the wait will be worthwhile.

August 13, 2007

Mystery Plant So, I've got this mystery plant growing in my garden. I certainly don't remember getting this from the nursery, of course, I may be mistaken. It looks to be a mini-tree and has large leaves. At the bottom, the stalk is about as wide as a broomstick and a half. Here's a close-up view of the spiky thingy in the "Y" sections:

UFO View 1 UFO View 2

A bit larger than a walnut, and on the hard side. Although the spikes aren't that prickly. What could this be? A giant weed? Not likely. Something that a bird dropped down and took root?

In other news, Icarus Shawl is progressing, very slowly. I just haven't felt up to much knitting due to the heat and humidity. Usually, I love the heat, but now it's August and together with being a little stressed out over the job situation, I'm kinda tired.

July 24, 2006

monster zucchini Eeek . . . look what showed up in my garden. Yes, this is over 1 foot long. And probably not as edible as it should be, but we'll find out later this week. First, I need to separate it from the umbilical cord and somehow preserve it for cooking later this week. I'm not sure how I accomplished this feat . . . perhaps it could be due to the fact that I've barely used insecticides and only applied fertilizer at irregular intervals. Most of my time has been spent pulling up weeds (ugh).

Lately I've taken to going out to putter around in the garden in the morning after Bruce goes to work. This works out great because I'm refreshed after a good night of sleep, I got no excuse to dawdle around, and I can shower after working in the garden.

I really like the Here Be Dragons pattern - I'm almost halfway through the first pattern repeat and this yarn is a real pleasure to work with after the worsted weight handspun yarn. Don't get me wrong, I love handspun yarn, it's just that perhaps I could have used a larger size so it wouldn't feel like I was wrapping bulky yarn around a slim needle.

June 23, 2006

Garden Corner In between job hunting, this is what I've been doing - gardening. I still can't decide which perennials to get, and I don't have the money to buy lots of perennials. But veggies are cheap and give instant gratification. So, all 4 corners have been planted with the goal of having a nice bumper crops of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, zucchinis, carrots, radishes, basil, etc. etc. Earlier today I went to Homestead Gardens and saw that they had tomatoes, squashes, etc. on sale at 50% off. So, of course I had to get more tomatoes - Fourth of July, Beefsteak, Roma. I'm expecting to end up with so many tomatoes that I'll be able to use Mother's canning equipment. At least, I hope so.

In the picture above that I've posted, you'll see zucchini, cucumbers, pepper, hopefully a sunflower growing in the far corner. Something seems to be eating the zucchini, though. Going to have to spray hot wax or something on these plants.

Handspun Yarn I've started knitting a pair of socks for Bruce as part of the Summer of Socks KAL. The pattern I've chosen for his sock is from Nancy Bush's Vintage Knitting Socks, Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock on page 85. I'm using size 3.00mm bamboo needles and have gotten about 3 inches of ribbing done already. It's kind of slow going because the needles I'm using is not slippery enough. I'm thinking about switching to the aluminum needles. I need to locate my needle gauge so I can find the right size.

April 3, 2005

Here's what is now peeking up from my garden:

Growing Lilac

I Need a Job

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