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Recently I was contacted by a reader who wanted to leave a comment, but wasn't sure what to do, so she emailed me directly. As I've stated in the past and will state again, you have to sign in to leave comments because otherwise, if I leave this open to everyone, I will just be bombarded with spam comments that are very sleazy in nature, along with legitimate comments. I really don't care to spend my time wading through these to do a mass delete and the possibility overlooking legitimate comments. If you have a spam filter set up for your email account, you'll know very well what I'm talking about.

Sign-in Screen MovableType 4 has the ability to create users and give them access on commenter level. This is a good alternative if you don't have LiveJournal, Vox or, or TypeKey accounts. There's also OpenID if you have one. Note: People with Blogger accounts can now sign in via OpenID, if you have administrator access to your blogspot site. All you need to do is use your Blogspot URL to sign in. Here's a post that explains how to do so, and also here's a bit of more info here. OpenID is an open-source protocol that aims to provide an easy, convenient way to sign in.

Create New Account But what if you don't have these accounts? Like I said, MT has its own setup, and if you look at image above, you'll see that MovableType is highlighted. Click on "Sign Up", and you should see this form. The asterisked fields are required. Pick a username that you can remember, and make note of the password that you create and keep in safe place. Also, pick a password reminder that you can remember easily.

The last view you will see in this signup process is the "Thanks for signing up" notice. (Note to bloggers using MT4 on your hosting site: you'll need to go into System Overview, go to Preferences, and select General. Enter whatever email address you prefer to use for sending out MT-generated email. Otherwise, the confirmation email will never, ever get sent out.)

Thank You Screen Cofirmation Email

Next, check your email. If you have spam filters enabled, check that too, please. You should see an email like the one above. The URL is a very, very long one, so if your email program cuts it in half, copy the first half and paste into the browser URL field, then copy the second half and past it in RIGHT AFTER the first half, without any spaces, and submit the URL. You should then be redirected back to the original post where you're commenting.

If this seems rather involved, this is a procedure you'll only have to do once. Your username and password will be recorded in my system for future comments.

I hope this was of help! If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.


CeCicarry Author Profile Page said:

Thanks ... it finally worked... Sorry I am so late... been sick, busy working, you name it... but not enough knitting.... You have some beautiful projects... I hope I can learn some of these techniques. I just getting pass knit it purl it seems. Thanks for a lovely page. I enjoy your reading and your inspirations.

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