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July 5, 2008

Purple Clog Sock Yes, I know this is a bit fuzzy and too dark, but hey, I gotta show y'all that I'm alive and knitting. Pattern is Dawn Brocco's Cable Clog sock and it's one of my favorite pattern. A good amount of twisted knit pattern, and yet enough sockinette knitting not to bore you to tears. I'm using Cestari Sock yarn - my first time with it. Appearance is on the rustic side. I'm eager to see how well it holds up under hard wear. I think I might have enough to make a triplet set, but we'll see.

I decided to go ahead and get the Schacht Ladybug Wheel because I want one that is portable, and besides, the church bazaar is coming up in just a few months and I need time to get familiar with it so I can be more at ease with demonstrating and answering questions. And I think I've finally found a nice home for the Majacraft Little Gem. I'll have to thank Knitting Banter in part for changing the think process regarding the MJ Little Gem. Now I need to apply this to my job search . . .

June 25, 2008

So. Yes, I'm still alive. Just being quiet at the moment. But I'm looking forward to Friday, because this will be the start of my freedom from The Nursery. The season's winding down, they're starting to cut hours, and I gave my week's notice. It felt liberating to be able to do that. Especially after what happened to me in my last full-time job, when I got unceremoniously dumped because of mucked-up contract politics that rippled down to us Dilbert twins. (You sound just a tiny bit bitter. - Ed. Yes, I am. But I'm over it - really.)

I've unofficially joined the Summer of Socks knitalog. I knew about it, but took my time signing up because I didn't want to feel pressured and when I looked again, the deadline had passed for adding yourself to the list. Oh, well. It's the spirit that counts. Right now I'm working on cabled socks to replace a favorite pair that has a nice, big hole on the heel of one of the socks and is too big to be darned up. I'm using the Crestari sock yarn that I got at MDSW. It's really nice yarn, and at a firm gauge, the fabric feels like it will hold up well under the abuse of daily wear. pics coming son . . .

In other matters, I've been trying to put my craft room to orders, so I can get back in there and sew again. My next sewing project is going to be a handbag to use as my daily purse. I picked up some really nice tapestry fabric at JoAnn's during one of their huge discount sales. This tapestry fabric has really lovely rose bouquets and is on the dark side, which should hide dirt more easily than my current handbag (which I'd originally intended for my knitting). This is the pattern that I'll be using - it's such a versatile pattern. I love it so much that I've copied it onto reusable tracing papers so I can save the originals.

In other matters, thanks to the generosity of Justice from IRC #coldfusion channel, I've got a ColdFusion sandbox to muck around in at KnitGal! I'm already thinking of some knitting-related applications, perhaps even a little dyeing and spinning, in the form of online calculators. I've already got some of the formulas documented; it's just a matter of writing the code and getting these to output usable results. This is also partly an effort to get my butt off the chair and actually do something productive . . .

Oh, I should explain that "KnitGal" is my IRC moniker, hence, my other domain's name . . .

September 22, 2006

Finished "Here Be Wyvern" Socks On the last day of summer, I finally completed Mother's socks. The pattern is a real pleasure to work with. Wish I'd chosen another yarn for this, though. Working with Baby Ull on bamboo needles makes me feel like I'm knitting with cotton yarn - slow.

It was a lot of fun to participate in Summer of Socks - this was a good incentive to get started on new socks, and learn new techniques such as short-rowing toes and heels. Now that I've got this down pat, I'm going to find it easier to get started with socks when I know I can start from the toes easily. And just as I'm finished with this adventure, I'm about to start on another adventure - Socktober, hosted by Lolly. It's so amazing that the list of participants has grown to 800 people! Wow . . . there's absolutely no way I'll be able to get around to checking every single blog on the list. But I'll try to check out at least a few. And I may even contribute a tutorial, if I can figure out where to get a camcorder, get the stuff off it and into the 'puter. I'll have to check in with my sister about this . . .

Now it's back to my UFOs - I do need to clear off some of the items on the WIP list.

September 4, 2006

Mother's Wyvern Sock I've been working on Mother's sock. I actually made more progress than is shown in the picture, but I had to rip out about 1 or 2 inches because I discovered that I'd forgotten to m1 and was coming up one stitch short. It'll be a while yet before I finish, because she wants these to be almost knee-high. So that means 10 inches from bottom to top. I had her try it on and it fits her just right. So glad we're able to do toe-up socks . . .

In the meantime, I've cast on for another pair of socks for myself, using a chocolate skein of Blauband yarn that I found for sale at a LYS. Not much progress to show you as of yet, but hopefully by middle of week when I finish mother's sock and get ready to make its twin.

August 23, 2006

The Job Hunt continues, with yet another contact. Wish me luck . . .

Meanwhile, a Boston blogger, Subway Knitter, has managed to get into WaPo. Congratulations! It is my fervent hope and prayer that I will soon rejoin the legion of knitting commuters again very soon.

Outside Bottom Sole Okay, so . . . here's the sock that languished for years and which I finally completed (still working on its twin). You see that groove just below the light turquoise band? This is what I'm not so happy about. I did kitchener stitch on it, and I was expecting it to lie flat like what you usually get when you do the kitchener stitch on top of the toes, and other items. Well - not so here.

Inside Bottom Sole Here's a close-up. The picture is a bit blurry because I couldn't get a good enough focus. But look at the area just below the wide light blue band. Can you say, chafing big time? Especially when you walk around with shoes on. Unfortunately, the picture in the original IK article doesn't show the bottom of the displayed foot. And in Simply Socks, it's all just illustrations and you don't get a real sense of what the knitted item is supposed to look like. There's no real substitution for photos, in my humble opinion.

Here are the updated of the two socks that I'm working on for the Summer of Socks:

My Dragon Sock Mother's Dragon Socks

The first one is done in Opal yarn, and the second one is done in Dale Baby Ull yarn.

Here's a really interesting contest that I just came across: My Dream App. It was opened to the public yesterday, and already there are 1461 submitted ideas so far and counting - wow! They want you to submit ideas for the killer Mac application, and three applications will be selected and developed. And you get part of the royalties on the Macintosh application if your idea wins. Of course, read the fine print. Contest ends September 1st, and then they'll be weeding out the chaff from the wheat, with help from you folks. Yes, just like those reality shows where you call in to vote off people every week. I've got quite a few ideas for that killer app . . .

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