What I Did with A Pomegranate

Almond Pomegranate Pilaf RecipeZaar is a really good site if you're at a loss as to what to cook. The search feature is really nice - it lets you go by the ingredients. You type in "pomegranate" and you're rewarded with a list containing items such as pomegranate juice, paste, abrils, and so forth. I came up with are these two recipes: Pistachio Pomegranate Pilaf and Wilted Greens with Pomegranate and Pumpkin Seeds.

Both of these recipes are well-written; unfortunately, these also don't have pictures, so you can't see what the final product looks like. As always, I made substitutes to the recipe. I used a package of American basmati rice. You can get 5 lb. bags of basmati rice from India but we don't eat enough basmati rice to spend the $14 that it would call for. I replaced pistachios with toasted almonds. I found wild rice (grown in Minnesota on an Indian reservation) but I was hesitant to buy it. Instead, I used black rice from China, but the water never really exhausted during cooking and I didn't like the way it looked, so I threw out the rice. I should have just swallowed hard and just went ahead and bought the wild rice. I would have had to only use about 1/2 cup and that would have been more than enough. I also eliminated cilantro, since it tastes like ground metal shavings for me.

The flavors really blended very nicely. It tasted tart, a bit acidic, with bursts of sweetness here and there.

Wilted Kale Greens The Wilted Greens recipes calls for raw greens to be served. But I'm just not used to eating kale greens in its raw state. So, I put it in a pot with some water, covered, and let cook for about 10-20 minutes until tender but not too mushy. I substituted toasted pine nuts for pumpkin seeds. The balsamic vinegar flavor adds a really sharp flavor to this dish.

I would definitely cook both recipes again. These would be perfect for a dinner party. Hubby liked the pilaf so much that he had 3 servings. ;-)

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what to do with the rest of the pomegranate seeds. And that other pomegranate sitting on my table. I've been told that these are good to snack on. I may just do that!



prairieharpy Author Profile Page said:

They look delish. I still have the pom I bought on the counter. Must be starting to overripen. Maybe I'll get a new one. lol

Sherley Author Profile Page said:

This recipe made my mouth water, your post looks like the real english essay

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