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February 20, 2008

Well . . . it looks like Second Company is a no-go. They'll keep my resume on file, though. I'm not upset about this. There'll be other fish to catch (although it would be REALLY nice if I could catch that Job Offer pronto!). Still waiting on First Company.

I've been trolling job ad sites lately. Here's a really nice gem that I came across earlier today, which was obviously written by someone in the HR Department:

Direct experience in the installation, configuration and administration of Cold Fusion Enterprise Servers and Microsoft IIS either in a development or production environment are a must. Thorough use of cascade style sheets and modular designs to promote re-use of functionality from an object-oriented design approach is very desirable. Strong knowledge of graphic design tools such as Adobe CS3 is required. Direct experience in the rendering of Excel-like functionality within a web based environment is required; the ability to support mapping financial administration processes according to organizational, tiered decompositions represented within the web applications is desirable. Web designers with financial management systems background is a strong plus. "

There's a lot of problems with this description of the advertised Web Developer position. Here's what they really want: an IT administrator who, as an graphic artist, can create complex graphics and is experienced with typography and the fundamentals of layout, and as a programmer, is able to create modularized code that works like interacting objects (Ed. Cascade style sheets and object-oriented design have nothing to do with each other - believe, I understand this, from what little of OOD I understand.), and finally, as a database administrator, is able to read databases consisting of hundreds of linked tables and cross-tables. That's 4 full-time job functions all rolled into one position.

I'm also very certain that they're never, ever going find one single candidate who can fulfill high expectations and be happy with a $75K salary. This person very likely has left to set up his own company and make millions of dollars as CEO and leaving the grunt work to others.

As an aside, crocheting steeks in a dark-colored, variegated garment in dim light - not good.

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