What On Earth is This?

Mystery Plant So, I've got this mystery plant growing in my garden. I certainly don't remember getting this from the nursery, of course, I may be mistaken. It looks to be a mini-tree and has large leaves. At the bottom, the stalk is about as wide as a broomstick and a half. Here's a close-up view of the spiky thingy in the "Y" sections:

UFO View 1 UFO View 2

A bit larger than a walnut, and on the hard side. Although the spikes aren't that prickly. What could this be? A giant weed? Not likely. Something that a bird dropped down and took root?

In other news, Icarus Shawl is progressing, very slowly. I just haven't felt up to much knitting due to the heat and humidity. Usually, I love the heat, but now it's August and together with being a little stressed out over the job situation, I'm kinda tired.



Mia Author Profile Page said:

I am not 100% sure of the name but it is horse hair. Or at least that is what I have heard them called. They are pretty common in Frederick.

orthomom71 Author Profile Page said:

I thought maybe it was a paw paw tree...but the fruit on those isn't prickly. I don't know???

Now you have a new mission...LOL!

Didier.cl Author Profile Page said:

Hi I know this been a while since you psot this but this plant is a Datura inoxia
you should wikipedia this. Its a very toxic plant the seeds can kill someone if eaten i sugest you get rid of it if you have children... Its also known here as legal drug for its halucinogen properties.

Sherley Author Profile Page said:

I think I`ll write the paper research about this plant, you`ve intrigued me.

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