Thinking of Fall . . .

Purple Clog Sock, Finished I've been pretty much quiet during July, because I've been working on these socks, and working on my garden. Once again, the squash and cucumbers have taken over the garden and I'm having to find ways to use these.

I finally finished the Purple Clog socks. This turned out nicely enough. I did get a bit irritated with the yarn a at one point the strand broke apart while i was knitting. It'll be interesting to see how it stand up under wear. I've now started on another pair of socks - Blue Arch-Shaped sock. I wanted to try out a differently-shaped pattern before leaping into Cat Bordhi' patterns. (You're intimidated by her, aren't you? - Ed. Err . . . yes, I am. Tsk, tsk, tsk! - Ed.)

So, now it's August. Which means Fall can't be too far behind. And it's looking to be a very good one in terms of knitting. Lots of good books coming out. The Fall issues. Vogue Knitting Fall issue actually looks quite decent, for a change. And yes, it means that I must turn my attention to the languishing projects so I can clear off the WIP queue. So here goes the run-down of almost completed projects . . .

Lola's Mr. Greenjeans Cardigan. Third attempt at the sleeves. The sleeve is too skinny and keep in mind that I will be wearing this over one or two layers of top clothes. I like to have some room in my sleeves so I don't feel like I'm bound up like a mummy.

Purple Polo Pullover. Need to finish attaching the sleeves. I need to redo this, redistribute the attach points more evenly.

Lola's Green Raglan Sweater. I need to sew the bottom back to the main body. I'm thinking about just picking up and knitting down to the bottom. I'm afraid the sewn stitches won't be as even in tension.

Green Mendocino Cardigan. Gong to have to redo the sleeves. This time, I'll knit both at the same time, to take care of the tension issues. Back has yet to be started. Shouldn't be a problem - I hope.

Lola's Roscalie Vest. Got a nice, honking hole at the top. Sigh. Not sure what to do about this.

I won't bother to run down the others since these are in such early stages that I won't complete these before September 21st.




CeCicarry Author Profile Page said:

sounds like you have enoough to keep you busy for awhile. I love the purple sock.:D

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