Looks like there's a meme going around, and I've been tagged by Coco's Mami, so I thought I'd play along!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Let's see . . . I was a web designer and single at the time. Since I was not, and am still not, a party girl, I would spend quite a bit of time online when not working. I used to hang out in various Delphi forums (most of which are now closed). In one of the forums, a member was ranting about she was angry about what had happened to her personally and holding certain people responsible for her personal hurt. I posted a reply to her about how she shouldn't paint others with a broad brush. Another member read my reply and was intrigued enough to start up a side conversation with me. Something told me to respond to his PM, and I'm sure glad I did so, because we're still together after ten years!

What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?

Let's see . . . the day's almost over and I don't plan on doing anything else except to cook dinner, other than playing with my computer while hubby watches movies. So, here's my list for tomorrow:

  1. Go to church. Say goodbye to a dear friend who is leaving after the service to fly to France to settle there permanently with her soon-to-be-husband.
  2. Visit my parents after church.
  3. Work on the garden.
  4. Work on my knitting.
  5. Spend some time with my spinning wheels.

Snacks I enjoy:

Oh, that depends on my mood, whether I crave salty, or sweet food. Right now, I like Ritz crackers. Whatever's in the fridge that I can nibble on. And I like cookies (although sometimes I have to have something to drink to get it all down). And when I can afford to get pastry from the bakery near home, I like take a few bites from the pastry over the next couple days.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

First. I, along with hubby, would diversify the money so these would keep on growing, and we'd live off the interest. Build a nice house with plenty of land surrounding us, and set it up so that the land couldn't be further sub-divided. Donate to my church with the goal of encouraging unity to form one Orthodox Christian jurisdiction, and to enable the priests at my church to help anyone who comes to the church in need of support. Help organizations that have the goal of teaching people to "fish" and get beyond victimhood. Set up trust funds for my nephews, with the provision that they not be able to touch the main funds until they're 35 years. We all know how "young and stupid" we were during our twenties, don't we? Do some traveling - I'd like to go to Russia, Italy, India, Georgia, England, France, for starters.

Places I have lived:

Lanham, College Park, and Bowie, all in Maryland.

Jobs I have had:

Clerk-typist, publications specialist, quality control coordinator, online information manager, proofreader/copy editor, web programmer, programmer/analyst. Notice that I'm not including the job at The Nursery, since it's not what I would normally be doing.

Okay . . . now . . . consider yourself tagged! Or not . . .


bdegar Author Profile Page said:

Oh, I know who left for France. I didn't know she was going so soon. I know you'll miss having her around - she's lots of fun.

lolajl Author Profile Page said:

Yep . . . she's lots of fun. I'll miss her terribly. :-( But now I have an excuse to go and check out France!

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