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January 29, 2008

Little Sky Sock Still working on the Green Raglan Sweater, so no pics to show you yet. However, I'm in the mood for learning new sock patterns. In particular, Bordhi's twist on socks. I'm literally taking baby steps by working up the baby sock patterns so I can see how these shape up to be. I really like the shaping and can see as to how this could break up the monotony of knitting with variegated yarn.

For reading items on my Blogline account, I use NetNewsWire, which has now been made free for all. I like it because you can read offline, and there's lots of things you can do with it.

NetNewsWire and other desktop apps: your RSS router
One of my favorite features of NetNewsWire is how it works with a bunch of other desktop apps.

The idea is this: news comes in to NetNewsWire, and then you route stuff to wherever it should go

[From Weblog: 'NetNewsWire and other desktop apps: your RSS router']

There's a lot of really good tips on how to make the best out of this nifty application. How do I use it with Bloglines? Simple - I just go into New Special Subscription > Bloglines and add the new blogs that I've subscribed to.

So . . . what's up with my job search? Well, I've learned that job fairs are not a good place if you expect to get a real, honest-to-god interview on the spot. It's just to gather information on you (the job hunter), and them (to see if the company has anything worth considering). Of course, the companies I'd have liked to speak with were inaccessible to me because I don't have any clearance at any level. If you live in the Washington, DC area, this is a very coveted resume enhancement and it's a catch-22 situation - jobs you qualify for require it but they won't take you without any clearance. And you can't just go around asking for security clearance. I guess that's my job tip for the week . . .

January 26, 2008

While i was going through my blogroll, I came across this timely posting:

Let us suppose that you have a garment which is TOO SHORT or TOO LONG, and that you have knit
from the bottom up
in the round or back and forth
in stockinette

[From TECHknittingâ„¢: Length reassignment surgery: lengthening and shortening knitwear]

Juuuust what I needed! I'll admit that I've been freaking out a bit about the upcoming surgery on the Raglan sweater. I'm sure that should you need to do the same thing, this will be very helpful for you.

January 25, 2008

My nephew is a budding rock star, as you can see from the video . . .

It looks like he doesn't quite like ringing, echoing noises just yet, though.

Green Raglan Sweater, finished I'm pleased to report that I'm finished, almost finished, with Lola's Green Raglan Sweater. Just one problem . . . remember when I ripped out part of the body before knitting the sleeves together with it? Well . . . I should have ripped out less. It looks way too short on me and really draws attention to my belly. Ugh. I'm going to have to perform surgery by cutting a stitch near the bottom, above the border, knit on about one inch, and then grafting the bottom back on. Going to be loads of fun, isn't it?

Closeup of Neckline And here's a close-up of the neck - don't you love the pattern and the shaping? It was achieved by putting in two sets of short-row wraps. Isn't Meg Swansen a genius? And she learned at the footsteps of the Great Elizabeth Zimmermann, a genius in her own right.

I'm now moving on to finish up the Briggs & Little Hybrid Sweater, now that I have an understanding of the shoulder shaping is achieved. I'll need to go back and reread the pithy instructions some more.

Oh, the job hunt? Well . . . got a recruiter to forward my resume to client, talked to another recruiter about my qualifications and gave a code sample and an url to view my previous work. No job offers yet, though. Sigh.

January 13, 2008

Green Raglan Sweater I'm so close to actually finishing something that I can taste it! This is a sweater that'd been sitting in my UFO pile for at least a year or so. I can't remember when I started it but it was certainly sometime after 2003, when "A Family of Raglans", WG #69 (now SO45) was released. So, a maximum of 4 1/2 years or so.

The body looks short, but that's because the edge is curling up (I don't know why - I used a knit-purl border pattern there which should have made it lie down flat). Hopefully this curling will be less prominent after washing and blocking. My goal is to get this finished by the end of the week.

January 12, 2008

During this past week I I attended a 3-day workshop at POAC, which as I predicted, left me with little knitting time except for mindless knitting. I really didn't feel like dealing with the Mendocino sleeves, so I went into my UFO pile and rescued the 2nd sleeve for a MS (Meg Swansen) design pullover that already has a body waiting to be united. I'm so close I can taste it, and dammit, I want to have a sweater finished yesterday! And while there's still several weeks of cold and chances of possible snow.

POAC is great - lots of good tips and I left with an inch-high stack of handouts. I think I'm going to be posting some of the tips here on the blog with each post, until I get a job. So . . . here's Tip #1:

If possible, before you go in to start the interview process, ask to use the company restroom. Be observant and make a mental note of the condition of the restroom . . . very often, the state reflects on the corporate culture. Makes sense, eh? If it's incredibly filthy, with overflowing wastebaskets and yucky stuff on surfaces, it shows that the company doesn't take a pride in how they look, and you have to wonder about how they conduct their company business as well.

January 6, 2008

Got the blog updated, using the new MT4 templates now. Text should now be easier to read (the previous version was using color that was more on the grey side). But significantly, there are now more options for signing in when commenting. I've enabled the ability to sign in using LiveJournal, Vox, TypeKey, OpenID, and MT's own registration. There's a slight problem with MT's registration system - the confirmation email isn't getting delivered for some reason - I think it might have to do with how I set up my email notification.

Please let me know if you have any problems commenting - you can send me email via "Contact Me" to the right.

No, not much knitting since the sleeve missteps. Sigh. And there may not be much knitting to come this week - I've the job interview tomorow, then a 3-day job search workshop with POAC (if you're a Maryland resident and a professional, take advantage of this - your tax dollars pay for this free service) if they manage to hire interpreters for this week. Workshops are held twice a month, so I have another chance later this month if intrpreting services don't pan out.

I've finally got the kinks worked out in LJL Knit Blog Redesign and I'm happy enough with the look that I feel I can move ahead with refreshing the blog templates. I'm sorely tempted to do this right here, right now, but we leave for church in about a hour and I've got to get ready, of course. Plus I need to make a note on what templates I need to modify to put in the extra codes and widget references. As the saying goes, proceed in haste, repent at leisure.

So if you see wonkiness later today, it's just me messing around with the blog innards.

January 5, 2008

Looks like I might have to call a time-out on the Mendocino sleeves. The sleeve lengths up to the bind-off point are the same, the widths are the same far as I can tell, yet I have significantly fewer stitches on the 2nd sleeve and the cabled pattern is far shorter eve though the cable pattern starts at the same point on both sleeves. Clearly something is wrong somewhere and I've got to figure that out. Or rip out and knit both sleeves on one long needles at the same time.

Wonder of wonders, I actually got an in-person job interview next Monday! This is the first time in a good long while (almost a year, I think) that I was able to actually score a meeting in an office with a potential employer. No, phone interviews with recruiters don't count.

And I'm also one step closer to updating my blog, of sorts. I'm tinkering around with the blog style in a test blog that I've set up for the redesign. Basically, I'm using a template setup that was designed for MovaleType 3, but now I'm using MovableType 4 and the tags are vastly different. Apparently there are great stuff coming in MT 4.1, which is now in beta, so that's why I want to refresh my blog templates to use the new format. And I want to start using Media Manager, and the most recent version can only be used with 4.1 up.

The original designer cannot be contacted, so I was left with no alternative but to copy one of the default styles and modify it to fit my current appearance, as close as possible. There was one pesky issue that I'd been struggling for almost a month, but I've finally got that fixed. I just need to do a bit more tweaks, and then "flip" the switch, so to speak. Hopefully it will be more easy to comment since there'll be more ways to sign in (yes, you'll still have to sign in because I do need to stay on top of the spammers, but there will be more ways to sign in than via TypeKey).

And meanwhile, I'm making steady progress on the Mendocino cardigan. Second sleeve almost done, back to be started soon. And I've been swatching lately (repeat after me, "Swatches are my best friends, even if I want to choke them sometimes.). I got 7 skeins of Brown Sheep Naturespun and I've got my eyes set on the Eris pullover. I also have swatches using Cascade 220, and I'm thinking of cardigan version for this yarn. If you're on Ravelry, you can check out all the lovely variations people have made. I know already that I'm going to do a hemmed version for the sleeves - I don't really like the way it looks in this picture.

But first, I have to finish at least one UFO before I can get started on this.

January 1, 2008

Here's a new technique I'd like to learn this year - navajo plying. This is the clearest video yet that I've come across. I've got a bunch of singles that I will put to the test with help of this video. Wish me luck!

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