Twisted Stitches of Vest Now that I've gotten both tips done, and cast on the body stitches. I'm chugging along, and I find myself having to turn the stitches over every so often on the needle. I'm thinking to myself that it's just because the cast-on stitches (using backloop) needed to be whipped into shape.

Here am I several rows up, and admiring my work, when I notice something very, very odd. Yes, you can see what happens when I don't follow my own advice to take those black paper clips and attach these to the cast-on stitches. Thankfully, this is a steeked vest, so it was just a simple matter of snipping the steek and then casting on a couple stitches to replace the cut stitches.

Meanwhile, in other news, a century-old one-story rowhouse fell over and landed on its side into a ditch last night in Washington, DC. I have a hard time picturing just how did this happen, since the video they showed on the news this morning was full of bright lights and camera rolling at a distance as firemen and other personnel milled around checking to make sure there was nobody inside the house, which had been vacant for quite a while. It seem that the ground may have softened due to the melting now; there's some construction going on behind this house. It sure is fortunate, while obviously upsetting for nearby residents, that this happened late at night and not when construction workers were onsite.

And there's a cat in China that weighs 33 pound . . . meow.


cyndy said:

I saw that cat on tv!

Your project is awesome, I've been enjoying watching how you are doing it.

katy said:

My gosh, 33 lbs cat you saw on t.v.???? Can't imagine the owner of that cat holding something that weights 33 lbs just like her or his cat. Best wishes as you complete your steeked vest.

DeeAnn said:

Bet you were never so glad to have steeks! Excellent solution and looking good!

I use the little black binder clips to keep mine straight too - works great.

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