Welcome to lolajl.net

I'm Lola J. Lee Beno and a lifelong resident of the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Despite what everyone may say about the Infamous Beltway and people referring to "Washington" as that la-la land from where it seems like nothing good comes out from, there's no place like home.

I am married to a wonderful man, Bruce E. Beno. We have a lot of fun doing things together, and we have a great sense of humor that gets warped at times. He wants you to know that I enjoy being pestered (well, most of the time, that is).

I am a Web Designer/Developer. I started out as a Web Designer when the Net was starting to be used by everyone and not just those in higher education, and everyone wanted to have a website. I got a full-time position as Web Designer at a company that has now been merged twice by larger companies. When offered the opportunity to learn programming at said company, I added programming to my list of skills.

I work with ColdFusion and try to keep up my knowledge of this great language. Currently, I'm looking for a full-time position and my resume can be viewed under LBenoDesigns.Codes>Resume. Also, I'm looking for freelance work to tide me over until I get a FT position with benefits.

Where else can one explore the Smithsonian museums and then drive out to the countryside? See the actual season changes, from a tropical rainforest to bitter cold fueled by arctic blasts, as you gaze upon the tree-covered scenery? Go to the beach every weekend during the summer? Whether you are a neighbor or visiting the area events at the Washington DC Metropolitan Area Page.