Rosemary in front of house

Rosemary in front of my house

I love to garden. I've had this Hardy Rosemary plant for years and it has held up well, even through Snowmageddon and Snowpocalypse. And yeah, I use the leaves in my cooking.

Tiny Blue Sock

Tiny Blue Sock

I needed a badge for some knitting event I was going to - I've forgotten which on it was. We agreed on a sock as the badge. I found a pattern that used twisted stitch and so I knit this with size 0 needles. It was slow going because I had to really work hard to get these stitches formed properly. Gave up after turning the heel and decided to just thread through the red yarn and call it a day.

A page from my journal

A great way to get organized. And totally adaptable to your needs - go minimalist, or go wild with decorating. Need to take a break? The journal will still be there when you come back and nobody will know but you. To get started, the link is over there on the sidebar.

Lola J. Lee Beno

Knitter, Spinner and Renaissance Woman

Hello . . . I'm Lola. Welcome to my corner on the net!

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